COVID-19 in Mozambique

Like everywhere in most countries in the world, the coronavirus infections in Mozambique started slowly and with no deaths. With the growing number of infections, the government declared a state of emergency in April for one month, which was extended for one more month on May 1st. This was re-extended for thirty more days, from May 31st to June 29th, as the numbers of infected continued growing. Currently the country has registered over 424 infections, including two deaths. It is not easy to come up with a fixed number of COVID-19 patients, since currently there are new infections registered on a daily basis. Out of this number, 127 have recovered. The government is making all possible efforts to control the spreading of the pandemic. (For more updates check:

COVID-19 came to worsen the living conditions of many Mozambicans, especially those living under the poverty line. Most families rely on buying and selling goods in order to secure at least a meal per day. Orphans and vulnerable children are part of this population. The stay home order has been a great challenge for many since some prefer to die of coronavirus than starving. Washing hands, using masks in public and social distancing are some of prevention practices observed to slow down the spread of the virus in the country.

-Naftal Massela Naftal, MOF Board Member and Mozambican