Ways to Give

These orphans may never meet you. They may never see your face. But they will never forget your gift.


Sponsor A Child

For only $42 a month, you can provide food, clothes, and education for a Mozambican child. This gift ensures orphan’s basic needs are met each month.

Monthly Giving

Recurring gifts of all sizes make lasting impacts.

For $5 a month, our brothers and sisters in Mozambique can buy a watering can that will maintain the garden and contribute food to the orphanages.

For $10 a month, your gift will could purchase a hen that produces approximately 250 eggs a year.

For $15 a month, your gift could buy ⅓ pound of vegetable seeds that agricultural staff will use in the orphanage’s gardens.

For $20 a month, your gift could provide 50 pounds of maize that comprises the staple of the children’s meals.

Donate Online or By Mail

For snail mail, please send an email to info@mzorphans.org. Title the Subject Line: “Give by Mail”. We will respond with our organization’s address promptly.
To donate online, click here.

Based on 2014 Actual Expense.

Industry standards dictate that at least 60-75% of donated dollars should go toward programs and services. Mozambique Orphanage Fund allots 90% of donations to go directly toward the orphans.

MOF keeps administrative costs low so that your gift can go to what matters — the children.

Thank You

All contributions make a difference. Without your gifts, we could not support our Mozambican brothers and sisters as we currently do. It is you who makes the difference in the lives of the children, we simply provide a way for you to do it. We celebrate your generosity and the opportunities you are giving to children in Mozambique.